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Why hire a wedding planner ?

A Wedding Planner is here to help you to organise your wedding from start to the very end. I am here to help you find different suppliers, the venue, make a budget and help you to respect it. My goal is to help you to avoid constant stress because yes, organizing a wedding is stressful and time consuming. After listening carefully to you and meeting you, I will be here to answer all your questions, even the most far-fetched ones. I will do everything I prevent you from worrying about anything else than your happiness. Of course, there are many other internal missions that a wedding planner can take care of, such as the creation of the retro-planning, a personalized book to share with you the progress of your big day and a schedule to facilitate the unfolding of your event. The human aspect always comes first, and I make it a point of honour to create a climate of trust and a solid professional relationship between us. As your Wedding Planner, I will help you save time and money and do everything possible to give you the wedding of your dreams.

How long does it take on average to organise a wedding ?

On average it takes between 12 and 18 months to organise a wedding. However, these figures can vary. For example, we can organise a wedding in 6 months.

How does the first meeting take place ?

A first meeting can be done by phone or video conference, but I prefer human contact and a meeting over a coffee or something else is preferable. This is at your convenience.

Are the providers imposed ?

Our address book is full of wonderful suppliers, so you will have a wide range of choice. You can always make suggestions, the important thing is that it is your wedding, so you remain the decision-maker.

Why choose us?

Motivated as ever to make your dreams come true, I have many values to draw on. I love weddings, I love to make each person I work with happy, and for each project I involve myself 100%. In order to make the organisation of your event as successful as possible, I offer you an exclusive experience around you. Each bride and groom has my full attention and you are not a “client” you are much more. I will be entirely dedicated to you and your union. Moreover, in a concern of transparency and accompaniment, I commit myself to answer you within 24 hours maximum in order to bring you answers as soon as possible. Again, one of my missions is to avoid any stress on your big day.